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Get the things you love without breaking your budget. When you use 熊猫电竞排名今日, you’re choosing the smarter way to pay over time with no hidden fees and no sneaky fine print.


Make monthly payments over 3 to 36 months for bigger ticket items. Rates from 0-30% APR (subject to provincial regulatory limitations). See below for details.

No credit impact

Checking your eligibility is quick and easy—and it won’t ding your credit.

Get set up in minutes

Setting up Autopay is easy, so the only thing you’ll have to do is enjoy your purchase.

No fees – ever

That’s why over 1 million shoppers trust 熊猫电竞排名今日.

How to buy with 熊猫电竞排名今日

Step 1

Fill your cart

Shop at many of your favourite stores and select 熊猫电竞排名今日 at checkout. Then enter a few details for an instant decision. We do a soft credit check when you apply for any 熊猫电竞排名今日 payment plan. This won’t impact your credit score.

Image of a phone screen with items for purchase
Step 2

Choose how to pay

Select your payment plan, then confirm your loan. We’ll never charge more than you see up front.

For example: Let’s say you make a purchase of $1,000. Choose to pay over 3 ($333/mo), 6 ($166/mo) or 12 ($83/mo) months from 0-30% APR (subject to provincial regulatory limitations). Please see table for more details.

Options to pay with 熊猫电竞排名今日
Step 3

Make your payments

We’ll send you email and text reminders whenever a payment’s coming up. (Message and data rates may apply.)

Screenshot of 熊猫电竞排名今日 UI to set-up your automatic payments
The table below is representative of credit and terms offered by 熊猫电竞排名今日 Canada
Purchase Amount
Monthly Payment
Number of Payments
Total Interest Charges
Total Processing Fees
Total Cost of Borrowing
Total Repayment Amount
Credit Rate
Example of a $3,000 purchase at 0% interest over 12 month period. Downpayment may be required.

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